Dachau Concentration Camp – Dachau, Germany

On our drive back from Salzburg to Germany we stopped at Dachau Concentration Camp in Dachau, Germany just outside of Munich. We used Rick Steve’s book for the self guided tour. We had ages 11 years to 50+ years in our group. This is the first concentration camp we have visited since we have moved here to Germany and it was a humbling experience for all.

Parking was fairly easy to find, follow the [Read more…]

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Hallein Salt Mines – Bad Dürrnberg, Austria

When I started planning our Garmsich & Salzburg trip I knew we wanted to visit the Salt Mines. After lots of research (more about below) we ended up choosing to visit the Hallein Salt Mines, and it was a fantastic visit and we all really enjoyed it. I highly recommend a trip to the salt mines if your in the area!

The biggest issue I had was which mines to chose. We were coming from the Eagles [Read more…]

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September Things To Do Around Spangdahlem 2015

September Things To Do Around Spangdahlem has lots of interesting things to go see during this month, fall to winter tends to be some of the busier months for festivals and activities. One of the most popular ones is one of my favorites, the Hitscherhof Pumpkin festival! Again these are generally no more than 3 hours away, although I may throw in one or two further away ones if I think that they [Read more…]

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Luge Sommerrodelbahn – Berchtesgaden, Germany

If your visiting the Eagle’s Nest make sure to check out the Luge Sommerrodelbahn at Alpengasthof Hochlenzer which is super close, just follow the rodelbahn signs. It was about 2 km away and worth the quick stop for some fun before heading to the salt mines in Austria. It was neat for us because it was our first toboggan style rodelbahn experience.

Prices are per ride (€2,50 adult, €2 kids) or [Read more…]

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Eagles Nest – Berchtesgaden, Germany

The Eagles Nest (Kehlsteinhaus) in Berchtesgaden, Germany was one of the top sites we visited on our trip to Bavaria in June 2015! Truthfully I was iffy about going or not and almost didn’t go, I did tons of research, talked to people who had been and we ended up deciding that if it was clear (a requirement for it being worth it) we didn’t want to pass up the opportunity and regret it, and I’m SO [Read more…]

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Linderhof Palace – Ettal, Germany

If your in the Garmisch area making a stop at Kind Ludwig’s Linderhof Palace is a great way to spend a few hours. I have found many people say that Linderhof is better than Neuschwanstin and overall I’d have to say that I agree. While both are much too gaudy for my liking I think the Linderhof experience offers more bang for your buck.

Know that there are tours offered throughout the day in several [Read more…]

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Partnach Gorge – Garmisch, Germany

If your in the Garmsich, Germany area you should make sure to stop by and visit the Partnach Gorge, it was one of our favorite stops during our trip! Our group ranged from 11 to 50+ and all enjoyed the gorge.

Parking is down by Olympic Stadium, and a recommend a quick pop in there to see the ski jump, it’s free to take a look and photos. The parking was €5.

It’s a good 20-25 min walk to the gorge [Read more…]

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Neuschwanstein Castle – Schwangau, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle - Schwangau, Germany

If your looking for the fairy tale castle that inspired Walt Disney’s Cinderella castle then Neuschwanstein Castle is it! While this is probably one of the most famous castles in Germany and it is impressive it’s very gaudy and by far not our favorite. The story about King Ludwig is quite fascinating though! We actually visited this castle in 2004 and went back several weeks ago with my mom and niece.

This [Read more…]

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Ehrenberg Castle Ruins – Reutte, Austria

Remember my recent post about Highline 179 the amazing suspension bridge in Austria? Here you can also find Ehrenberg Castle Ruins! These are great ruins to explore and a great stop on your drive to the Garmisch area. Don’t miss trying to pull the sword out of the stone here!

There is lots of parking available, you pay for it at one of the automated boxes. There is also a castle playground if your traveling with little ones. You can also find a museum in the shop that you can get a combo ticket for. We had just planned on doing the ruins and my mom and rest of my family did the bridge while I waited with Bea, since I’d done it before and she’s not a fan of heights. There are restrooms in the building next to the shop.

Know that it’s a good 15-20 min hike up to the ruins and the bridge. We did it in 15 minutes to the base of the ruins, then you still have to climb up the steep path to the ruins. There’s a bench to take a quick break if needed.

Signs are displayed with information, there is an English version as well.

These looming ruins are just a glimpse of what is left of Ehrenburg.

The sword in the stone is easy to miss because it’s down in the stone, you can only see the handle until you start pulling! It’s right in front of the round tower, so just look for that and you’ll find it.

We all had fun giving it a try and posing for photos.

Don’t miss the scenic views available from several spots in the ruins.

We had a great time exploring these ruins, and the views were amazing as well! I highly suggest you make a stop here and check out! If your into hiking there are several other ruins that you can explore as well. One is higher up from Ehrenberg and the other is across the bridge.

Know Before You Go

What: Highline Ehrenberg Ruins in Reutte, Austria.

How To Get There: It’s about 5 hours 30 mins from the Spangdahlem, 4 hours 30 mins from Ramstein and 45 mins from Garmisch. GPS addy: Klause 2, 6600 Reutte

Parking: there is quite a bit of parking, you buy a parking ticket from one of the machines.

Cost: Free to wander the ruins, there is a fee if you’d like to cross the suspension bridge (link in post above) or visit the museum.

Traveling with little kids: You can use a stroller on the walk up if needed, although it it a bit of a steep climb. It cannot be used in the ruins area due to the stairs, etc.

Dogs: Are allowed

How long: Plan on at least an hour to walk up and down to check out the ruins, more if you want to cross the bridge as well.

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Cologne Cathedral

If your heading to Cologne (Köln) you need to check out the Cologne Cathedral (Köln Dom) there. It’s quite impressive and worth the visit. There is also a lock bridge only a 5 minute walk behind the Dom as well.

There is lots of parking in the parking garage under the Cathedral and walkplatz. And NO it is NOT hard to drive in Cologne to get there, I see people say that all the time. I’m not a [Read more…]

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