Bruges, Belgium – City of Endless Beer & Chocolate!

Bruges, Belgium - City of endless Beer and Chocolate

For Mr. B’s birthday in August we took him on a quick trip to Bruges, Belgium. It’s only 3 hours 15 mins from Spangdahlem so we drove down and spent the day in Bruges then headed over to the beach in Westende, Belgium where we stayed the night, that will be another post. We enjoyed hanging out in the city and then eating at Ribs N Beer that evening, yum! We went on a Monday but know that some sights [Read more…]

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Tongeren Flea Market – Tongeren, Belgium

If you like hunting for a deal Tongeren Flea Market in Belgium may be the place for you, it takes place every Sunday. It’s about 1 hour 30 mins from Spangdahlem. We finally made the trip there while my mom was here and for me I was a bit disappointed as prices ran high and vendors were not willing to haggle, but I’m a thrifty kind of gal. We did get a few things so it wasn’t a total waste. We also [Read more…]

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October Things To Do Around Spangdahlem 2015

October Things To Do Around Spangdahlem has lots of interesting things to go see during this month. Some of the most popular one are the Spangdahlem Holiday Bazar and the Pumpkin Festivals! Again these are generally no more than 3 hours away, although I may throw in one or two further away ones if I think that they are something to consider.

There are Things To Do for everyone! Some include Pumpkins, [Read more…]

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Garmisch Itinerary & Salzburg

Heading to the Garmisch or Salzburg area and looking for itinerary ideas? I’m sharing our Garmisch itinerary which included the Berchgarten area and Salzburg! We went for 4 nights, 2 were in the Austria area near Garmisch and the other 2 were in between Salzburg & Munich.

Day 1 (Monday)

After crossing border, stop at gas station on right to get 5 day vignette for €8,80

Neuschwanstein Castle – [Read more…]

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Daun Wildlife Park- Daun, Germany

Daun Wildlife Park (LINK) is a neat way to see some animals up close and personal. It’s a safari type park that you take your own vechile through but it’s probably not like ones your used to in the States. There is also a monkey area and bird area that you don’t drive through. While the park was a good way to get out and do something it didn’t knock our socks off either. It did have some neat things [Read more…]

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Reichsburg – Cochem, Germany

Reichsburg in Cochem, Germany is a fascintaing castle in a cute village overlooking the Mosel River. Many of you know that I am not a fan of guided tours of castles however I think this one is worth the money even with the quirks. I love the walkplatz area as well AND one shop has the best ice cream EVER!

Parking in this town can be tricky but if you go on a weekday we found it’s pretty abundant. [Read more…]

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Cochem Medieval Festival – Cochem, Germany

This year we decided to check out the Cochem Medieval festival because we did the Manderscheid Medieval festival last year. You do have to pay an entrance fee and truthfully I think you get more for your money at the Manderscheid one. While the Cochem festival was great for something to get out and explore but it pales in comparison to Manderscheid if your comparing medieval festivals. The Cochem [Read more…]

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Old Town Salzburg, Austria

We spent the day checking out the Old Town Salzburg area, we used the Rick Steve’s book to do the self-guided tour. We also visited the Fortress Hohensalzburg which you can read about HERE. One of the reason’s that I love using Rick Steve’s books is that he has all the info and self guided walks already laid out, I just take the book and we follow it and he explains what we are seeing, it cuts down [Read more…]

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Hohensalzburg Fortress – Salzburg, Austria

Hohensalzburg Fortress in Salzburg, Austria sits on top of a hill overlooking the walkplatz area of Salzburg. It’s a neat visit and includes a ride on the funicular up and down the mountain. Our teenagers were also happy the the fortress had free wi-fi as well.

Parking in Salzburg can be hectic, know where the Parking lots are, we parked in the one on Petersbrunnstraße it was a 9 min walk to the [Read more…]

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Dachau Concentration Camp – Dachau, Germany

On our drive back from Salzburg to Germany we stopped at Dachau Concentration Camp in Dachau, Germany just outside of Munich. We used Rick Steve’s book for the self guided tour. We had ages 11 years to 50+ years in our group. This is the first concentration camp we have visited since we have moved here to Germany and it was a humbling experience for all.

Parking was fairly easy to find, follow the [Read more…]

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