Eiscafe Dolomiti – Eating Eis in Germany


So everyone here has been raving about eating Eis (ice cream) at Eiscafe Dolomiti in Speicher so we had to go try it out. They even offer ‘spaghetti’ ice cream that looks like spaghetti noodles. It’s located at Bahnhofstrasse 3 in Speicher right before City Grill.

Eiscafe Dolomiit

Just look for the blue sign, there is also a large ice cream cone outside the door as well.

Eiscafe Dolomiit

Bea got the spaghetti ice cream with [Read more...]

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Our German Home


I know, I know…many of you have been waiting on pins & needles to see pics of our German home! I mean it only took us 2.5 months to find and 3 months to move in after our arrival here in Germany. I know curiosity abounds as to what house we got that we finally said ‘yes’ to after 21 houses, LOL!! Of course we had to get unpacked before I’d dare take any pics, so your lucky that I’ve taken these [Read more...]

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Manderscheid Castles


A couple weekends ago we decided to go check out the Manderscheid Castle ruins, it is side-by-side ruins of two castles that were owned by a family. (The link is to a page that is in German, use Google Chrome to view and it will translate it for you) It’s only about 25 minutes from Spangdahlem AB so it’s an easy day trip in the local area. It’s also listed in the Panther Paws under the Day Trips [Read more...]

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Phantasialand in Bruhl, Germany

Phantasialand in Bruhl, Germany | World Traveling Military Family

Phantaisaland is an amusement park in Bruhl, Germany which is just outside of Cologne, Germany. It’s about 1.5 hours from Spangdahlem AB. It’s a neat park with themed areas; China Town, Mexico, Mystery, Fantasy, Africa, & Berlin. There are attractions, shows, food & shops in each area and are themed to that area. Our favorite areas were Mexico & Berlin. I will say that if you have problems [Read more...]

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Must Have 220V Items for Living in Germany!


As you may know living in Germany presents some unique challenges for those of us who are living off base, such as having 220v outlets instead of the US 110v ones. Here is my list of my Must Have 220v Items for living in Germany, it may not be as many as your thinking…I’ve also included the best items that are Dual voltage and we didn’t even realize until we moved here!

Must Have 220V Items for Living in Germany

Must Have 220v Items

These [Read more...]

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Upcycled Lamp to Toilet Paper Holder


I am so excited about my upcycled lamp to toilet paper holder! As you know here in Germany storage in the bathrooms is scarce and in the case of the kids bathroom there wasn’t even a toilet paper holder. Of course the BX didn’t have any either…go figure. So I decided to make my own! All I needed was an old lamp, some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP), and wax. This was a super easy and quick project.

Upcycled Lamp to Toilet Paper Holder | World Traveling Military Family

I [Read more...]

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Japanese Inspired Refinished Night Stand

Japanese Inspired Refinished Night Stand

I recently completed a Japanese inspired refinished night stand. Wahoo, I’m finally at a point where we are starting to get settled and I can again work on projects! Storage is a HUGE issue here in Germany as there are no closest and NO bathroom storage. I needed something to go in our Japanese themed bathroom and this night stand (which is taller than your ‘average’ night stand) fit the bill! Plus [Read more...]

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Internet Challenges in Germany


Internet in Germany and it’s many challenges is a hot topic for those of us stationed here! I kid you not when I say that Germany is still in the Stone Ages when it comes to technology, specifically Internet and cell phones! This post I’ll only focus on the Internet in Germany issues so if your headed this way you know what to prepare for and if your living vicariously thorough my blog then you’ll [Read more...]

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Staying Busy & Custom Bachelorette Invite Design

I know I slacked and my post did not go up on time today, better late than never right?

I’ve been staying so busy! We’ve been in the house 3.5 week and are about 90% done getting unpacked & settled. Everything is unpacked but there is still stuff we need to find spots for to put away. My craft room & studio is a HOT MESS and I’m trying to avoid it, LOL! I have a friend coming next week to [Read more...]

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Saint Martins Cathedral (The Dom) Mainz, Germany


During our recent stay in Mainz, Germany we decided to visit Saint Martin’s Cathedral aka the Mainzer Dom or ‘the Dom’ located in the city center. It’s one of the ‘must see’ churches in the Mainz area. We only had time to see one with it’s 1000 years of history, and it has burned 7 times during it’s history!

The Cathedral is located in the Mainz city walkplatz, there are several parking [Read more...]

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