Happy Thanksgiving – 2014


Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to Yours!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year! We have officially been in Germany for 1 year. Last year we spent Thanksgiving at the Chow Hall (DFAC) this year we ate a delicious homemade Thanksgiving meal shared with some friends, credit for the meal goes to my amazing hubby and Bea.

We are thankful that Boo is doing well in his freshman year at collage [Read more...]

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Commonly Asked Newcomers Questions for Spangdahlem, AB


If your headed to Spangdahlem AB I bet you’ve been on the computer putting in some research time. I’ve decide to do a post about commonly asked newcomers questions for Spangdahlem, AB. I know I spent many hours researching before we headed this way. Over the past year I’ve been helping answer newcomers questions, so I’ve compiled some helpful info that I’ve acquired and have been sharing with others, [Read more...]

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Schinderhannes – Sohren, Germany

Schinderhannes - Sohren, Germany

Schinderhannes found at Hotel Landgasthaus in Sohren, Germany is a great lunch treat after shopping at Kaefer’s. They offer some yummy daily lunch specials and we found them to be quite delicious! It’s literally a minute drive down the street from Kaefer’s.

The best thing is that for lunch they offer a 3 course meal for €9,80! It’s a different meal choice each day but the one we had was delicious! [Read more...]

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Kaefers Das Porzellenhaus – Sohren, Germany

Kaefer's - Sohern, Germany | World Traveling Military Family

Kaefer’s Das Porzellenhaus or (Kafer’s Porcelin house) in Sohren, Germany is a must see shopping spot! It’s great for shopping for yourself as well as gifts for family! It’s mainly known as Kaefer’s to the military community. It’s well worth the 1 hour drive especially if you combine with the lunch specials at Schinderhannes (blog post coming!).

Kaefer's - Sohern, Germany | World Traveling Military Family

So what can you find a Kaefer’s? Lots of stuff! [Read more...]

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Kelley Barracks Hotel – Stuttgart, Germany


Kelley Barracks Hotel is a great place to stay if your hanging out in the Stuttgart area. Unlike typical billeting you also get a free complimentary breakfast here! While it’s not a huge selection (more further down) it is decent and better than the none you get at most billeting ;) Reservations can be made 7 days out for Space A by calling the Kelley Hotel.


The rooms were fairly large. Our had [Read more...]

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Veterans Day – 2014

Veteran's Day

Today we honor those who have are serving in the US military and those who have gone before us. The purpose of Veteran’s Day is “A celebration to honor Americas veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.” (VA.gov)

I hope today you celebrate those in your life who have served our country. I am so thankful for my Veteran, Mr. B, and [Read more...]

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Flying the Rotator – Overseas PSC Checklist

Flying the Rotator - Overseas PCS Checklist

I’ve made a Flying the Rotator Overseas PSC Checklist for those of you doing an Overseas PCS. As I’ve been helping many families during their Overseas PCS I’ve found that not everyone is able to easily get information. I’ve been told by several people that they were not told by their leaving base that they all needed current military ID’s and several families arrived with their kids having expired [Read more...]

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November Festivals Around Spangdahlem, Germany

November Festivals Around Spangdahlem | World Traveling Military Family

November is the start of a fun time here in Germany for festivals as the Christmas Markets start! This will be a list of November Festivals and Events, there are many to chose from, this list has 17! We had a great time checking out the October Festivals, if you missed them add them to your calendar for next year. Again these are generally no more than 3 hours away, although I may throw in one or [Read more...]

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Affenberg Salem – Salem, Germany

Affenberg Salem - Germany | World Traveling Military Family

Affenberg Salem also known as Monkey Hill is located in Salem, Germany has free range monkeys in 20 acre sanctuary. People enjoy visiting here because you can walk freely among them and feed them popcorn. They also have these amazing storks that have large nests along the tops of the buildings. This is a great place to visit for some family fun, it’s also open on Sundays so that can be helpful as [Read more...]

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Ritter Sport Chocolate Museum – Waldenbuch, Germany

Ritter Sport Chocolate Museum - Waldenbuch, Germany | World Traveling Military Family

The Ritter Sport Chocolate Museum in Waldenbuch, Germany is a neat little place to visit. The museum is really just a small exhibition but it’s free and pretty interesting! If your in the area it’s worth stopping by and checking out.

Ritter Sport Chocolate Museum - Waldenbuch, Germany | World Traveling Military Family

The Ritter Sport Factory is located across the street but it is not open to the public.

Parking was easy to find, however Mr. B decided to squeeze us into a small [Read more...]

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