Trier Christmas Market – Trier, Germany 2014

Trier Christmas Market

This was our first year going to the Trier Christmas Market. Unfortunately I can’t say that I was super impressed but we went so I can check it off our list! I think the hardest part is the the Christmas markets are all pretty much the same and the few awesome ones we’ve seen make it hard for the ’standard’ ones to live up too, LOL!

Trier Christmas Market

Parking is hard to find in Trier so know where the parking garages [Read more...]

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Hazelaid Giveaway!


The Hazelaid Giveaway is for a $25 gift certificate! You can use it on any of the products that they offer on the website. They sell some awesome items like organic hazelwood jewelry & Authentic Baltic Amber jewelry!


I wanted to try Hazelaid for 2 reasons: headaches & eczema. My kids get so many headaches, the boys have both been diagnosed with migraines and Bea is headed toward that path [Read more...]

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Military Overseas Free Flights for College Students to Visit – A Must Know!

Military Overseas - Free Flight for College Students

Today I share with you information about Military Overseas Free Flights for College Students to visit! If you are stationed at an OCONUS assignment (Overseas including Alaska & Hawaii) then this perk applies to you! It’s also know an Student Dependent Transportation, Student Dependent Travel, or Dependent Student Travel, because apparently one name would be too easy ;)

The military has a program [Read more...]

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Karthalle Wittlich Go Karts – Wittlich, Germany

Kartell Wittlich | World Traveling Military Family

On Bub’s birthday last month we decided to take him to Karthalle Wittlich to go Go-Karting. He had done it in Belgium with a friend and had fun but we are wanting to wait to go there while Boo is back for his Christmas break, so we decided to check this one out because it’s so close.

Kartell Wittlich | World Traveling Military Family

It was easy to find, the GSP address took us right to the building, however it is behind a car wash and at first [Read more...]

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Origami Owl Giveaway!

Unfortunately I’ve had a bad experience for the Black Friday promotion with Origami Owl so I cannot recommend this company and will be returning my charms & chain I got for a blog locket. I placed the order shortly after the promo started and spent $60 in product then added the free items to my cart (locket, chain, & charm) but as soon as I checked out it was removed. I contacted my ID and [Read more...]

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December Festivals Around Spangdahlem, Germany

December Festivals Around Spangdahlem | World Traveling Military Family

December is another busy month here in Germany for festivals! December festivals around Spangdahlem has some great things to go see. We had a opportunity to check out 2 of the Christmas markets from the November Festivals. Again these are generally no more than 3 hours away, although I may throw in one or two further away ones if I think that they are something to consider.

There are festivals for [Read more...]

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Happy Thanksgiving – 2014


Happy Thanksgiving from our Family to Yours!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year! We have officially been in Germany for 1 year. Last year we spent Thanksgiving at the Chow Hall (DFAC) this year we ate a delicious homemade Thanksgiving meal shared with some friends, credit for the meal goes to my amazing hubby and Bea.

We are thankful that Boo is doing well in his freshman year at collage [Read more...]

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Commonly Asked Newcomers Questions for Spangdahlem, AB


If your headed to Spangdahlem AB I bet you’ve been on the computer putting in some research time. I’ve decide to do a post about commonly asked newcomers questions for Spangdahlem, AB. I know I spent many hours researching before we headed this way. Over the past year I’ve been helping answer newcomers questions, so I’ve compiled some helpful info that I’ve acquired and have been sharing with others, [Read more...]

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Schinderhannes – Sohren, Germany

Schinderhannes - Sohren, Germany

Schinderhannes found at Hotel Landgasthaus in Sohren, Germany is a great lunch treat after shopping at Kaefer’s. They offer some yummy daily lunch specials and we found them to be quite delicious! It’s literally a minute drive down the street from Kaefer’s.

The best thing is that for lunch they offer a 3 course meal for €9,80! It’s a different meal choice each day but the one we had was delicious! [Read more...]

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