Mosel Ballon Fiesta 2014


After our trip to the Wittlich Pig Fest we decided to go check out the Mosel Ballon Fiesta in Föhren, Germany. It’s a hot air balloon festival with 80 balloon! Unfortunately for us weather in Europe can be persnickety and it was not cooperating on Saturday when we went. However with that being said we’ve learned a few things to make next year’s experience better, so I wanted to share because I think [Read more...]

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Wittlich Pig Festival 2014


Remember that list of festivals going on around the area that I recently posted? We had several on our list to go see including the Wittlich Pig Festival or  Säubrennerkirmes. We wanted to see what the all the ‘hype’ was about and try the pork sandwiches. There was also a small arts & crafts market & parade that were taking place on Saturday when we went.

Wittlich Pig Fest 2014 | World Traveling Military Family

The Pig Fest runs Friday through [Read more...]

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Burg Schönecken – Schönecken, Germany


Burg Schönecken (also Burg Schonecken) located is Shönecken, Germany is castle ruins that loom over this small village town. It’s a great place to see some ruins and a great overview of the village.

Burg Schonecken | World Traveling Military Family

It’s also an ideal place to see ruins if you have family visiting or little ones who can’t walk far. While the Manderscheid Castle ruins are great they involve a good deal of walking/hiking so are [Read more...]

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August Festivals Around Spangdahlem, Germany


It seems like the next few months are busy months here in Germany for festivals! There are so many August festivals around Spangdahlem, Germany. We are excited to start checking them out, we arrived last year at the end of Nov in time for the Christmas festivals but missed all the fall ones. Since there are so many I have decided I’ll do a monthly post with festivals around the local area (generally [Read more...]

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Römische Villa Otrang – Fliessem, Germany


Römische Villa Otrang in Fliessem, Germany is a Roman country house from 1 to 4 AD that was discovered and excavated in 1838. You can walk around several constructed buildings that house the original mosaic floors and see what the underground heating system looked like that they used to heat the floors. There is a bath house as well and there is also a model of what the whole villa looked like.

Römische Villa Otrang | World Traveling Military Family

This [Read more...]

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Castle Playground – Bitburg, Germany


We recently headed out to find the Castle Playground in Bitburg, Germany. It was actually quite easy to find and is a great park! It has areas for smaller kids and larger kids. We went on a Thursday around noon and there were only 2 boys there sitting on a bench talking, we had the whole park to ourselves.


If your driving from Spangdahlem on the B50 when you get to the first roundabout in Bitburg [Read more...]

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REWE Grocery Store – Germany Shopping


REWE is one our our favorite grocery stores here in Germany. If your stationed at Spangdahlem there is one in Spechier, a few minutes drive from the base, and one in Bitburg, about 15 minutes from the base. I like the selection better at the one in Bitburg for some items but we shop at the one in Speicher most often.

It is open Monday – Saturday 7 am to 10 pm. Closed Sundays. Accepts VAT but it’s [Read more...]

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Flying Space A – On a Cargo Plane


We recently flew Space-A and it was our first time flying Space A on a cargo plane. I think this is an opportunity that many military families are hesitant to take advantage of because it is outside their ‘comfort zone’ because it’s not like flying on a ‘normal’ commercial plane. Don’t get me wrong you can also fly on a ‘normal’ commercial plane flying Space-A if you use the Rotator but there are [Read more...]

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