Ouvrage Hackenberg – Veckring, France – Maginot Line

Ouvrage Hackenberg in Veckring, France is part of the Maginot Line fortifications and you can visit this underground fortress. It’s about 1.5 hour drive from Spangdahlem, and 1.5 hours from Ramstein. It’s easily done as a day trip and you’ll learn lots of neat history as well as get to experience riding on the underground train and even see a working gun turrets. It was built between 1929-1932 and [Read more…]

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Scotland, UK 4 Night Itinerary With Costs!

I’m excited to share our Scotland, UK 4 Night itinerary, we went in mid April during Spring Break and loved it! I think it SHOULD be on your bucket list! The Highlands are amazing and not to be missed. You’ll find castles, amazing scenery, distilleries, & more! Our trip was done in 5 days and 4 nights but you could easily spend a week in the area if you have time. Lots of ‘off the beaten path’ [Read more…]

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Lichtenstein Castle – Lichtenstein, Germany

Lichtenstein Castle (Schloss Lichtenstein) in Lichtenstein, Germany is a must see if your traveling in the area! This picturesque castle is amazing to see perched on the edge of the cliff over looking the village below. It’s very quaint & charming. This is an easy add on to a drive to or from the Garmsich area.

I was so excited to get to cross this castle off my list on the way to Garmish recently [Read more…]

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14 Easy Day Trips from Garmisch, Germany

I often get asked ‘What is there to do around the Garmisch area?’ so I’ve made a list of 14 easy day trips from Garmisch, Germany that covers multiple countries. It’s a free PDF file so you save it to your computer or print it out if needed.

Note that all these trips you can drive to in 2.5 hours or less from Garmisch and the Edelweiss Resort, the time is in (XX) after the location name. Also if there is a * before the name it means that we have been there and there is more info on the blog about that location. You can use the search box on the right and find that extra info.

This is an image of the printable, to download and print the file you can find it HERE.

I want to take a minute to highlight a few things on the list:

Austria – The salt mines are great, especially if your heading towards Salzburg. Reutte is an easy add on for the drive to or from the area with the castle ruins and the Highline 179 bridge.

*Bad Dürrnberg – Hallien Salt Mines tour: slides, boat crossing (2 hour 10 mins)
GPS: Ramsaustraße 3, 5422 Bad Dürrnberg, Austria
*Reutte – Highline 179 bridge, Ehrenburg Ruins, museum, playground (40 mins)
GPS: Klause 2, 6600 Gemeinde Reutte, Austria
*Salzburg – Castle, Sound of Music tours, Mozart’s home, & more (2 hours)
GPS: Parking lot on Petersbrunnstraße, 5020 Salzburg

Germany – If you go in season (May – XX) the Eagle’s Nest is worth a visit on a clear day and their is a rodelbann near it as well. Linderhof has been said to be the favorite of visitors even over Neuschwanstein, don’t miss the grotto with his swan boat!

*Berchtesgaden – Eagle’s Nest & Documentation Center, Coaster (2 hours 12 mins)
GPS: Salzbergstraße 41, 83471 Berchtesgaden – parking at Doc. Center
*Ettal – Linderhof Palace & Grotto, Monastery, Cheese store (30 mins)
GPS: Salzbergstraße 41, 83471 Berchtesgaden – parking at Doc. Center
Munich – *Dauchau, Surfers, Octoberfest, museums (1 hour)
GPS: Marienplatz 2, 80331 München, Germany- Tourism Office
*Oberammergau– Alpine coaster, hiking, cable car, museums, reptiles (25 mins)
GPS: Eugen-Papst-Straße 9A, 82487 Oberammergau – Tourism Office
*Schwangau– Neuschwanstein Castle, Lake, Luge, hiking, cable car (40 mins)
GPS: Neuschwansteinstraße 20, 87645 Schwangau

Italy – A great way to get another country in on your trip with some interesting sights to see, indoor & outdoor options.

Bolzano South Tyrol Musuem to see Ötzi the iceman (2 hours 20 mins)
GPS: Via Museo, 43, 39100 Bolzano BZ
Parcines Partschins waterfall, climbing tours, & rappelling (2 hours 20 mins)
GPS: 39020 Parcines BZ, Italy

Lichetenstein – A quick detour into this tiny country will add another checkmark to your countries visited bucket list.

Malbun – Skiing/winter, Falcon center/spring & summer ( 2 hours 35 mins)
GPS – 9497 Triesenberg, Liechtenstein – Falconry center
Vaduz – Castle, Cathedral, Art Museum, Hiking (2 hours 20 mins)
GPS: Städtle 37, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein – Tourism office

Switzerland – Head across the border for some tax free shopping, hiking or ropes course adventures! Keep in mind it’s a bit expensive in general so it could be worthwhile to take a picnic lunch from a grocery store in Germany.

Samnaun – Tax free Shopping, skiing, Fairy Tail Hiking trail (1 hour 50 mins)
GPS: Dorfstrasse 4, 7563 Samnaun-Dorf, Switzerland – Tourism office.
Sent – Suspension Bridge, Ropes Course, Sculpture Park (1 hour 50 mins)
        GPS: Via Veglia Vers Scuol, Sent, Switzerland – Sculpture Park

I hope this gives you some ideas to get started on some amazing adventures! Happy Travels!

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Biking Through the Tulip Fields – Lisse, Netherlands

I’ve always thought biking through the tulip fields would be a fun idea, so this year I got together a group of ladies and we drove to to Lisse, Netherlands to do just that for a day trip! It was a fantastic experience that we’ll remember forever.

I know that ‘most’ people go to Lisse to visit Keukenhof but that’s just not my cup of tea to walk around a park looking at flowers so I wasn’t interested [Read more…]

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Top 20 Travel Apps You Need To Explore Europe

Looking for ways to make traveling easier? These are the top 20 Travel Apps you need to explore Europe! It’s got everything from travel planning, buying tickets, avoiding queues, conquering public transportation, and even finding bathrooms! All apps are available for both iPhones & Android systems. Note if there is no main page link I’ve linked the iPhone link, but you can google the Android/Google [Read more…]

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Travel Resources for Europe – Free Printable!

These travel resources for Europe were compiled to help make travel planning easier! Most links can be used for trip planning worldwide but there are some that are Europe specific. There is a link for a free printable PDF file at the bottom of the list as well. Happy Travels!

Travel Resources

Some helpful websites to help you plan your trips.

Current as of April 2016

www.ncl.com – Norwegian [Read more…]

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Vilnius, Lithuania – Spending the Day in the City

I’m so excited to have a guest blogger, Lila, sharing her trip to Vilnius, Lithuania – Spending the Day in the City. Lila Quintiliani is a military spouse and an Accredited Financial Counselor. She usually writes about personal finance topics, but her true love (other than her family) is travel, and so far she has been to 43 countries. She only occasionally misses free drink refills. 

Vilnius, Lithuania [Read more…]

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Old Town – Prague, Czech Republic

If your visiting Prague, stopping by the Old Town area is a must. This area is where you can find the Charles Bridge, Churches, the market, and the Astronomical Clock! It has been around since the 10th century and is still as active as ever and has a lot to offer.

As usual we used the Rick Steve’s Prague book and did the self guided Old Town walk, we did shorten it a bit to get to the Eating Prague [Read more…]

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April Things To Do Around the Spangdahlem Area 2016

April Things To Do Around Spangdahlem has several interesting things to go see during this month. There are Things To Do for everyone! Some include Flea Markets, Blossoms, Street Food, Tattoos & more! There has got to be one that you will find interesting and want to check out! Again these are generally no more than 3 hours away, although I may throw in one or two further away ones if I think [Read more…]

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